Thread: Cartesian Coordinates and Lines

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    Cartesian Coordinates and Lines

    I am writing a c program which will take set of Cartesian coordinates from User and then display that 'there are no. (1,2..) no. of box(s) with 4,5 or six boundaries'

    for e.g. user input 10,36 15,36 20,36 10,30 15,30 as these input will make a one box with four boundary and there will be total 5 boundaries, so program will display that there is 1 box with 4 boundaries.......

    I have made the program but it is only showing total no of boundaris which will be formed from user i need help that how can i make a program to judge that a one complete box is formed?

    Where one boundary will be 10,36 - 15,36 means from one coordinate to other coordinate is one boundary

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    post the code/functions and maybe someone can spot the bug/error

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