Thread: Rotating a picture

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    Rotating a picture


    I want to rotate a picture shown in an LCD.

    Let V1[N1][K1] be the vector that contains the pixels
    of the picture, what is the algorigthm that will give me
    the vector V2[N2][K2] that contains the rotated picture
    of the V1 ???


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    Like this?
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9
    7 4 1
    8 5 2
    9 6 3
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    First, you go to Wotsit and look up the file format you'll be using for the image.
    Next, you write something to read the file into memory.
    Then, you look up the portion of the file that stores dimensions, and rework that to store the transposed X and Y dimensions.
    Then you rework the portion of the data that contains the actual image to correspond to the new rotated data.
    Then you're done. Or close anyway.

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    If you want to rotate the bitmap to an arbitrary angle then google 'rotating bitmaps'.

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