Thread: Change colour of screen and disable mouse

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    Change colour of screen and disable mouse

    I am an amateur in C programming. I need to create functions fo rthe below: Can anyone help me with the below functions ASAP?

    1. To enable/disable mouse in the C application I'm developing. On clicking one radio button Disable, i should have the mouse disabled in the application and on clicking the Enable radio button, it should get enabled.

    2. To change the colour of the screen on clicking a radio button

    Thanks a lot in advance


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    i think you may have the wrong forum

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    I see a few distinct problems with your question.

    1) C doesn't support graphics, color, or a mouse. So radio buttons, clicking, and enabling/disabling the mouse is difficult without knowing what system and implementation you're using. You have no choice but to rely on something nonstandard. If it's Windows (most likely I think) then the Windows Programming board would be more topical.

    2) If the mouse is disabled, how do you click on a radio button to enable it?
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