Thread: Guideline for where to begin.

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    Guideline for where to begin.


    I currently trying to implement a simulation banking system as part of an
    assigment. I must stress i do not want line by line code to complete this,
    what i'm really after is a guide to how i would go about doing this.

    I need to read a customer from the file customer_list, into a fifo queue,
    every Ts time. (where Ts is expressed in seconds).

    Whilst this is happening i also need to have 3 tellers, who when a customer
    enters the queues, a free teller grabs the customers and processes there
    request, which takes Ts time. (as before). If no customer, teller sleeps.

    From thinking about this, I have come up what i believe is the best way to

    I think i should create one process that runs the customerInsert() routine,
    and then three processes one for each teller ( running the Teller() routine)

    Now, the problem that i have is i have never coded in C before. I am quite
    well versed in Java, however. Therefore my first question is whats the best
    way to start coding this? and secondly, how do i code this ?? Is there C
    API DOCS like Java has ??

    Thanks in advance,


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    What kind of class has you doing this kind of assignment having never coded in C before?


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    It's a third year course. .

    I spose it's partly my fault, as all along we have had the option to write in either Java/C/C++ , i always opted for Java,

    Now this crappy lecturer wants it in C only!!!

    So i'm having major troubles ..

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