Thread: using fork() for multitasking

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    using fork() for multitasking


    I'm currently trying to use fork() to allow my program to run two seperate functions at the same time. however, i am unable to make this work . .

    This is a segment of my code at present.


    //make child process run lineRead()
    lineRead(fptr2, fptr1);

    mainProcess(); //make parent process run program



    i know this is not correct, i have to add some sort of if statement to ensure a child is present etc. However, i do not know how to do this, as i'm am very new to C ( only 2 days) but quite well versed in java.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Kind regards,


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    fork() returns child process pid to main process and 0 to child process. -1 if process creation fails.
    create if () {} else {} to find out is currently running process child or main process.

    see: for more information.

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    You're better off leaving fork() alone for a while if all you've got is 2 days experience with C
    I hope you weren't expecting to share memory between these two processes, because fork() doesn't do that.

    pid_t pid = fork();
    if ( pid == 0 ) {
      // stuff for child only
      // this normally exits the process when its done
    } else if ( pid != -1 ) {
      // stuff in parent, if child runs
    } else {
      // stuff in parent, with no child
    // stuff "common" again
    // except its not really common, both processes do the same work
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