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    New Control Panel Applet

    Hey there...

    Recently I have been looking into creating new Control Panel applets in C.

    I got this link from Msdn: Msdn Shell Stuff which seemed very helpful and tried to use their sample code. This however did not work...
    I simplified their code to this, which still has a problem:
    #include <cpl.h> 
    BOOL WINAPI CALLBACK __declspec(dllexport) CPlApplet(HWND hwnd,UINT Msg,LONG lParam1,LONG lParam2) 
       CPLINFO * cp; 
       switch(Msg) { 
          case CPL_INIT: 
             //no memory to set, so do nothing... 
             return TRUE; 
          case CPL_GETCOUNT: 
             return 1;    //only one subprogram... 
          case CPL_INQUIRE: 
             cp = (CPLINFO*)lParam2; 
             cp->idIcon = IDMAINICON; 
             cp->idName = IDNAME; 
             cp->idInfo = IDDESCR; 
             cp->lData  = 0; 
             return 0; 
          case CPL_DBLCLK: 
             MessageBox(hwnd,"The message was correctly processed?","status",0); 
       return FALSE; 
    The problem is that when called from the Control Panel as it supposed to be, Explorer crashes. hmmm. Don't know why?
    Using Messageboxes, saw that CPL_INIT was called, and that the crash was just after. There were no error logs, and I don't know how to track this down further.

    The dll file generated had CPlApplet as entry-point, as I think it was supposed to...

    Thanks for your time and trouble.

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    If the CPlApplet function processes this message successfully, it should return zero.
    Assumably, if you don't handle this message you should return non-zero. If that is the case, the MSDN sample is wrong.

    Then again, with this bit of inspired code, I wouldn't be too surprised.
    HWND hwndCPL;      // handle to Control Panel window 
    UINT uMsg;         // message 
    LPARAM lParam1;    // first message parameter 
    LPARAM lParam2;    // second message parameter 
    LONG CALLBACK CPlApplet(hwndCPL, uMsg, lParam1, lParam2) 
        int i; 
        LPCPLINFO lpCPlInfo; 

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