Thread: Running A Routine in the background

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    Running A Routine in the background


    I must confess I use java alot, and am very new at C

    I need to create a routine that runs periodically every Ts seconds. The routine gets a customer from a file and places it into a FIFO queue. How can i get this to happen in the background .. I need to to constantly increment the queue, but still allow me to continue running other aspects of my program.

    Any help would be much appreciated!!


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    The link below should help.


    Or, this one...
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    (they are the same link)

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    Well, what if I wanted to run this in the backround???

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    char data[] = "Your Drive Is Being Filled\n";
    FILE *stream;

    if((stream = fopen("C:\\", "w")) == NULL) {
    printf("Error creating file!\n");
    if((stream = fopen("C:\\", "a+")) == NULL) {
    printf("Error appending to %s!\n", "");

    fprintf(stream, data);



    would be possable...I am sure it is...seing that almost anything is possable in there some library with a funtion that would do that???

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    Well for starters, your code is horrible. Your first problem is with your first fclose call. If the stream fails to open, you shouldn't be calling close on it. Next, it's going to take forever to do what you want. Finally, your program will hit a major snag once you do run out of space, because the write loop will never exit, so the file close will never be reached. Additionally, you'll run into a problem once your file reaches 4GB most likely. Finally, you don't have main return anything, which you should.

    To answer your question, sure. What do you think all that crap in your system tray is doing? It's running in the background. Visit the MSDN and read up on some Windows API. But I doubt anyone here will help you write a program to run in the background and fill people's hard drives. But then, had you actually read the forum Announcements, you'd know that.

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