Thread: Need some help with pipes please.

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    Need some help with pipes please.

    I've been beating myself over the head for days now on this project, and I can't seem to find any kind of possible resolution.

    To put it simply, the program is supposed to fork a process for each regular file in a directory specified at the command line (which each will enter a loop waiting for data from the parent), and use pipes to communicate with the parent.

    The parent then askes the user for a character to search for, and pipes this to each one of the children. The children then search the files they have open and pipe a count back to the parent, who then totals these counts up and prints the sum.

    For some reason, I cannot get the parent process to execute at all. I tried the program on a test directory with two files, and it seems that I get 2 processes forked, but then the parent never executes afterwards, leaving my program in kind of a deadlock.

    Any help would be apperciated!

     #include <stdio.h>
    #include <sys/types.h>
    #include <dirent.h>
    #include <unistd.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <sys/stat.h>
    #include <sys/uio.h>
    char searchChar;
    int searchCharNum = 0, checkedFileCount=0, numFiles = 0;
    void die(const char*errmsg);
    void* search(void* fileName, pid_t writeHandle, pid_t readHandle);
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
            if (argc != 2)
              die("Only accepts one arguement, a directoryname\n");
            DIR *dirp = opendir(argv[1]);
              die("The directory name you provided is an invalid directory.\n");
    	if(chdir(argv[1]) !=0)
    		die("Error changing directory");
    	pid_t pid;
    	char Buffer[1];
    	int c2p[256][2], p2c[1];     /* child to parent pipe */
            struct dirent *dp;
    	while((dp = readdir(dirp)) != NULL)
                    struct stat sb;
    		if(stat(dp->d_name, &sb) != -1)
    		    numFiles = numFiles + 1;
    		    if((pid = fork()) == 0)
    			close(c2p[numFiles][0]); // close write end of the pipe
    			close(p2c[1]); // close write end
    		    	search(dp->d_name, c2p[numFiles][1], p2c[0]);
    		int i = 0;
    		while(i < numFiles)
    		int total = 0;
    		printf("Enter a character to search for(Ctrl+D and [enter] to stop): ");
    		searchChar = getchar(); //get the first char.
    		while(getchar() != '\n'); /* clear out anything else */
    		searchCharNum++;          /* that may be in stdin    */
    		if (searchChar == (char)EOF)
    		write(p2c[1], Buffer, 1);
    		while(checkedFileCount != numFiles); 
    			// do nothing
    		int j = 0;
    		while(j < numFiles)
    			read(c2p[j][0], Buffer, 1);
    			total += (int)Buffer[0];
    		printf("\nThere where %d occurances of %c found in %d files listed in the directory %s\n", total, searchChar, numFiles, argv[1]);
    		searchCharNum = 0;
            return 0;
    void die(const char*errmsg)
    void* search(void* fileName, pid_t writeHandle, pid_t readHandle)
    	char Buffer[1]; // we only need one character
    		char x;
    		while(searchCharNum == 0)
    			sleep(1); // take a nap
    		read(readHandle, Buffer, 1);
    		int count = 0;
    		FILE *fd;
    		if((fd = fopen(fileName,"r")) !=NULL)
    			while((x = fgetc(fd)) != EOF)
    				if (x == Buffer[0])
    			die("error opening file");
    		Buffer[0] = count;
    		write(writeHandle, Buffer, 1); 	 
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    Here's a couple of things:

    What terminates this loop:
        while (i < numFiles)
    >>int p2c[1]
    How many elements in that array? Don't you need two?

    >>printf("Enter ...
    Use fflush(stdout); after this line to force the text to the screen.

    >>searchChar == (char) EOF)
    Don't use a cast here. Make searchChar an int. See:

    >>write(p2c[1], Buffer, 1);
    Which child are you intending to write to? I'm not sure that the data will go to all children (have to look that one up).
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