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    strange behaviour.......

    i had to test whether sum of lower 4 bits of an 8-bit number(unsigned char) and that of two's complement of lower 4 bits of another 8bit numer(again unsigned char but this time i have a pointer to this no.) is greater than or equal to 16(10000)
    i'll explain in detail if not clear
    first of all two's complement of a no. is its one's complement+1
    e.g. two's complement of 1001 = 0110(one's complement)+1=0111
    similarly two's complement of 0001=1110+1=1111

    now what i want to test
    e.g. i have two numbers(binary) 00101000 00100011

    lower four bits of 1'st number = 1000
    two's compl. of lower four bits of 222nd no.(1100+1) = 1101
    Sum of the two =10101 =21(decimal)>16

    now the code i used


    here a is unsigned int
    ptemp is pointer to unsigned int

    the logic used is lower 4 bits obtained by ANDing with 15(binary 1111) for a and *ptemp
    1's complement of second number's lower 4bits obtained by subtrating them from 15(1111)
    2's complement obtained by adding 1 to it

    now my problem is
    that the code gives correct result for some test values while incorrect for some other test values

    Where is the mistake in my logic
    compiler used turba c++ ver.3.0(borland international)

    Please help.

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    so you would like to add "a&15" to (15-*ptemp&15)+1..

    & has a lower priorty than + so you should use

    (a & 15) + ((15 - *ptemp & 15) + 1) >= 16

    which should work.. (i think)

    a & (15 + ((15 - *ptemp)&15)+1)

    so as you can see, this is wrong..

    i hope this helps..

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    oops!! i messed it up
    thanx for pointing out the mistake
    i think now this should work

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