Thread: Need Help Installing GTK+

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    Need Help Installing GTK+

    I'd like to install GTK+, but i can`t for some reason..

    I'm using DJGPP ( and WINDOWS XP..

    I've downloaded these two files:
    1) GTK+
    2) GTK+ Developers

    I googled for hours but didn't find anything..
    any help? A step by step guide would be nice Thx
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    what is going wrong look here

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    well, i just don't get it to work..
    This is what i did:
    1) installed DJGPP -> this is working fine

    2) unzipped above file (GTK)
    2.1) -> i got 5 directories: bin, include, lib, man,share
    -> i moved all the contents of include to the include folder of DJGPP
    -> same for the other folders
    2.2) include -> gtk-2.0 -> gtk, gdk,..
    -> i took the contents of gtk-2.0 and put it one folder up, (in include)
    -> because to include gtk we use <gtk/gtk.h>

    3) I installed the second file (setup.exe), in a different directory than djgpp (perhaps this is wrong)

    I went to the above site, and there i found:

    With gcc, you should use the -mno-cygwin and -mms-bitfields flags.
    --> my compiler doesn't even recognize the flags..

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    a much easier solution to using gtk on windows is here . all of the packaging has been done for you and there is easy to follow instructions specifically for windows users. let me know how it turns out. good luck and let me know if your program works fine.
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