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    Question Programs for Uni? Any help please

    Hey all, im on an Aviation course at uni in England, but for some reason i have to do some computer-related (programming) modules. The problem is ive been given 2 C programs to create, all i need is the lines of code but i really dont know how to do it at all. The 2 progs ive gotta do are:

    Course work 1.

    The following data was collected in an experiment to measure temperature in a chemical reactor (in C): 57, 65, 72, 80, 73, 82, 55, 45, 59, 70. Write a C program to calculate the deviation of the temperature from its average value for each of the measurements and to print the numbers of the measurements with deviations bigger than 10C.

    Course work 2.

    Write a C program to print a list of points (X,Y) on the graph of the equation Y = X3 3X + 1 for X ranging from 2 to 2 in steps of 0.1 and to determine the maximal value of Y.

    All i need is the code to each program but like i said, i dont know where to start! all i know is that its only about 15-20 lines or something!

    Thanks to anyone who can help me out, ill buy u a pint or 2!

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    So what have you done so far - apart from actually posting your assignment here.

    The first step in such programs is to simply read data in from the user and print it back out again (without any calculations). That at least proves
    - you've done some work
    - that your input conversion actually works.

    Do we for instance assume that you know what a standard deviation is, or do we need to tell you that as well?
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