Thread: Command Line Argument problem

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    Command Line Argument problem

    This is an assignment problem. It uses dynamic memory & the qsort function in the standard C library. The program is called csort

    Anyways, I dont understand this detail:

    it says "csort must be invoked with exactley one (other) command line argument. That argument consists of a sequence of integers seperated by commas.

    I dont fully understand what is meant by this.
    How can you have one command line argument that consists of a sequence of integers?

    Maybe i'm not thinking about it the right way.....

    I couldn't get in touch with the teacher yet to explain it a bit more.
    But i think you guys know what it's talking about.....

    this is what i came up with......correct me if i'm wrong

    argv[0] = csort
    argv[1] = 4, 2 /* for example */

    so i would need to check argv[1] digit by digit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem
    Damn, if i would of joined sooner, my previous assignment would of been so much easier.

    That's exactley what we had to check for in the command line.

    btw, thanks for the quick response

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