Thread: Some problems with my menu !

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    Question Some problems with my menu !

    Hi, I'm making a menu in graphic mode and I'm having some problems :
    1/ How to make the text ITALIC ?
    2/ How can I make 3 (or more ?) programs run simultaneously like this : A program is playing sound with a moving header while users can still choose items in a menu. Is it possible ?
    Oh, one more thing : I'm using Turbo C++ for DOS.
    Thanks in advanced !

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    Are we assuming the WinAPI?
    Because I could tell you in GTK(yes there is a windows version)

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    No, this's just a console app. I'm using Turbo C++ 3.0 for DOS.

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    1) Good luck getting italics in DOS.
    2) You can't make multiple programs run at the same time in DOS. DOS does not support it.

    You can make one program handle multiple items at once. (Otherwise you'd have never had DOS games with sound and graphics.) But you can't make DOS multi-task. Not DOS by itself anyway.

    Why on earth are you using DOS? Where do all these people get this old ass DOS compiler? And whose idea was it for them to use it?

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    A task which will be further hampered by using an old DOS compiler on a new win32 console
    Which despite the C:\> prompt, is not really like DOS at all.
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