Thread: Switch&if statements(differences)

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    Switch&if statements(differences)

    - A series of if-else if statements are less elegant for menu selection.Switch offers a better alternative.
    - Relational & logical operators can be used in if whereas switch can only test for equality.

    Apart from these can you think of any differences between switch & if? There is a question in my text book which says "How switch is different from if statement?Illustrate through an example."

    Thanks for your time

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    Um yeah... No. We're not here to do your work for you. If you're still confused, see the sig.

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    I hope Quzah doesn't mind, but I'll give you a general hint. If you've learned how to write flow charts, then write out the flow chart for an if-statement and one for a switch-statement.

    Compare the two flow charts and see how each statement can be reached...

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