hello my friends I am not a true exper in the domain but I pass for a superior level for a beginner
I counsel you " to install microsoft visual c++ " with the aide MSDN " supplimentaire
and to make the small operation of calculation
- Remplir a picture
- Lira a picture
- Afficher a chain of character
Variable - Lira two or more have the foix
2emme level
- Creation of a file
- Sauvegarde of donneÚ
/ * exucuse me for makes a mistake them (I use a translator) * /
- Lira donneÚs of a file
3emme level
- Comprendre the language collector (the basis of all languages) (to write under backs " debug ")
- Comprendre functions an operating system how (linux) (I don't counsel you windows)
practiced level
- invent small sys of exploitation
excuse me for mistakes because i use a translator of language