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    C File permissions

    I am trying to do this task but dont seem to be getting any where can any1 help?

    Write a C shell script, exe, which changes the permissions of a file to make it executable by anyone.


    The script takes one parameter and should be called as follows:

    exe filename


    Your script should use the chmod command to change the permissions of the file.
    Your script should output a message to the user to indicate that the file’s permissions have been changed.
    Your script should output an error message if any of the following error conditions occurs:
    • the user calls the script with the wrong number of parameters

    • the file does not exist

    • the file is not an ordinary file

    thanks in advance.

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    Since you haven't posted any code to show an attempt and it should a lot like homework this is all the hint you'll get for now:

    sprintf(buffer, "chmod %s", argv[1]);
    Before it just do the error checking on the number of parameters, file existing, file type.

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