Thread: Producer-comsumer threads using semaphore mutex

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    Producer-comsumer threads using semaphore mutex

    Ive been programming for a little while and i need help!

    I need to produce code so that a producer thread can generate an integer between 0 and 9, store it in a file and dispaly the number on the screen. After the generation the producer sleeps for a random amount of time between 0 and 100 miliseconds before reapeating the number generation.

    The consumer thread being ravenous, consumes all integers from the file as quickly as the become available. The producer must have a way of indicating to the consumer that a value is ready and teh consumer must have a way of indicating that the value has been retrieved.

    I need to use wait() and signal() functions and semaphore mutex but i really dont know how. I would really be grateful if anyone could tell me where i could get such code.

    Thanks alot

    Kaiya xx

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    What have you done so far yourself?
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    Is the language you are using Pascal FC by any chance...

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    wait() and signal() are for condition variables. Basically you want the consumer to wait on the variable and "consume" whenever it is signalled. You also want the producer to signal on the variable whenever it has "produced" something.

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