Thread: if you want to edit program with me

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    Talking if you want to edit program with me

    hello all hulls.
    I want well that to help me to you has make this program
    I already have already a type of structure definite
    I want sauvgarder his/her/its contained in a file but toujour with the possibility to reread the
    parameters sauvgarder and to put back them of the same facont in their site before
    that them soivent sauvgarder...
    help me has make a program
    if his/her/its you gene you cannot write a function for the sauvgarde
    and another for reading and setting up
    already veils my structure definite
    * * * * * * * * * *
    #define n 10000  
    typedef struct  
    chariot matter [];  
    int note,coef;  
    typedef struct  
    tmatiere t[n];  
    / * excuse me for mistakes of grammar or ortographes because I use a translator of language * /

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    The best I can figure is that you want to read from a file into a structure or list of structures?
    int main( void )
        ttmatiere something;
        FILE* fp;
        int count;
        fp = fopen( "yourfile.dat", "rb" );
        if( fp != NULL )
            /*read from file*/
            for( count = 0; count < n; count++ )
                if( fread( &something[count], sizeof( tmatiere ), 1, fp ) != 1 )
                    break; /* read failed */
            fclose( fp );
        return 0;
    That's the best that I can figure from your post.

    Also, you need to give a size to your array:
    chariot matter [SIZE];
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