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    Question Dynamic linked list...please help!!!

    I am studying C programming as a hobby and i have been trying to wright a C program that reads from a text file my name a a set of number:
    ie GBarreto
    The program has than to generate a dynamic linked list sorting the numbers largest to smallest, where each node should contain a single integer.....

    I also would like to clarify another doubt....To write this text file wich will have my name and a set of numbers , do i just type it as a c format and save it with the extention filename.txt (cooments could be included for helping me understand)

    If you could be kind enough to clarify these doubts i would very much appreciate.
    Thank you very much for your time
    G Barreto
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    Just pull up a text editor. Type in a bunch of stuff, and save it.
    Or, for the fun of it, write a program to actually produce the output for this file.
    Once that's done, you have a good chunk of the code you need to reverse the process and read it.

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