Thread: Trouble replacing line of file

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    Trouble replacing line of file

    hi again, i am having some dificulties replacing a certain line of a file.My problem in specific is writing to the file, a certain string, overwriting the line i want. However, my program just writes to the end of file ( as it should, according to the code ).
    I will give you the code, along with examples:
    file def:
    im      man
    this     strinks
    the line i want to replace
    this    stinks
    i want to replace with chars ' '

    my program, if he detects a certain string in the line, it is supposed to replace the line with chars ' ', if(name_esq == this), then replace the line that has this, like so:
    im    man
    however. it will do:
    im       man
    this      stinks
    this is an excert of the program:

    PHP Code:
    #define MAXLINE[1024]
    int main()
    char line2[1024];
    char *name_esq="this";
    char *definitions="definitions.txt";
    FILE def

    fgets(line2MAXLINE def))
    /* line2 - line of file def*/
    printf("anything\n");        /* for debugging */
    if(strstr(line2,name_esq))    /* if name_esq is in line2*/  
    printf("if works\n");/* for debugging */
    printf("%s\n"line2);    /* for debugging */
    for(k=0line2[k]!= '\n';k++)
    line2[k]=' ';                   
    /*replaces line2's chars with ' ' 
    /* I expect to replace the line in def,
        which has the occurence of name_esq
        but instead, it writes to the next line
        as in the example.

    any sugestions will be gratefully accepted.

    P.S. : if you think i overexplained, please warn me and i will try to rearrange it.

    Thanks in advance

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    Read lines into memory from one file, and write out all lines (with the relevant one amended). When you're done, delete the original input file, and rename the output file to the name of the first one.

    Either that, or read and hold all lines in memory, then seek back to the beginning of the file, and write all lines out.
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    please give me a small example of how i can read lines into memory, and then read from memory, i am not sure i understand much about memory.
    Sorry for being this noob.

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    char line2[1024]; <-- Memory
    Just make an array that can hold all of the lines in the file:
    char lines[5][1024]; /* Magic! */
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    ok that's all i can explain

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