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    Header File Understanding Help

    Alright I've got this header file, and I want to double check to make sure I understand this. I'm in the middle of a huge human resource prgoram and I feel if I understand this structure header file completely I'll be able to create a copy of all data entered into a text file. Ok here is the code:

    #ifndef EMPLOYEE_DATA_H
    #define EMPLOYEE_DATA_H
    //structure declaration
    struct personal
           char firstname[25];
           char lastname[25];
           char SSN[12]
    typedef struct personal PERSONAL;
    struct employee
          char salary[9];
    typedef struct employee EMPLOYEE;
    struct EmpData
         EMPLOYEE emp_data;
         PERSONAL pers_data;
    typedef struct EmpData EMPDATA;
    //function declaration
    EMPDATA* enter_data(int* num_array);
    EMPDATA get_data();
    Now I've got two structures personal and employee for the separate data. I'm creating a human resource program. Next I have another structure named EmpData that I rename to EMPDATA. Now is this correct? Inside struct EmpData I have two more strucutures defined as EMPLOYEE emp_data; and
    PERSONAL pers_data; I have not worked on this program in quite some time so I'm making sure I understand that those are two structures within a structure that way it has all its members so I can manipulate it and add data to it. Lastly I have two functions enter_data and get_data so i can ask the user to enter data and then get that data that was entered to store in the structures I have in this header file. Let me know if I have understoof this correctly?


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    Looks good. You will then have to create a .c file that includes the header and then define a variable as one of those types... EMPDATA person; Which could be defined as an array or a pointer to some memory that you are going to allocate or in my case here a single person.

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