Thread: double pointer to 2-dim array?

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    double pointer to 2-dim array?

    suppose I have a double pointer that stores words in a list:

    char **wordlist;

    How do I store the data of **wordlist into a 2-dimensional array say List[define][define2] which is also a char?

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    strcpy( list[x], wordlist[y] )

    i think, check man page for strncpy to make it better

    edit: youll need to put a loop in there too
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    You need to allocate lots of memory

    Do this once
    /* allocate space for all the word pointers */
    wordlist = malloc ( numberOfWords * sizeof *wordlist );

    Do this for all the words you want to copy
    wordlist[i] = malloc ( strlen(myWord)+1 );
    strcpy( wordlist[i], myWord );
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