Thread: Gcc array size limit? Can't make arraysbigger than 10MB

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    Gcc array size limit? Can't make arraysbigger than 10MB

    I've got gcc running on a Daul Xeon (1Gb Ram ) server. Problem is I can't seem to have arrays bigger than 10 MB - as in eg:
    char temp[9000000];

    is allowed, but nothing bigger - otherwise I get a segmentation fault. But I need to open files up to 20 - 30 MB in size (email inboxes) to scan them for attachments - and remove the attachment - primitive Anti-virus program I'm writing.

    How do I get c programs to allow much bigger arrays?


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    Well you should be using malloc to allocate the space you need on a per attachment basis, rather than setting some large upper bound.

    As for the other problem, is this a global array or a local array?
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    char *temp = malloc( 1000000000 );
    if( temp == NULL )
        printf("Malloc failure.\n");
    Be sure to free what you malloc.
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    Many thanks!

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    just so you know, most modern operating system limit the amount of memory one process user can own, unless of course you are root (or administrator).
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