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    Unhappy problem with double format...


    I have a question:
    How i can get double numbers from the keyboard?
    i.e:i want to assign in variable (double e the number 0.000001
    and the number 2 in variable (double a and number 1 in variable (double a)....

    Finally if i want to compare double formats
    i.e: if (((b-a)<e)) <---------this will occure an error?

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    Try the FAQ. Look into the %f format specifier if using scanf, or atof if using something like fgets. Also, floating point numbers aren't real great for specific comparisions. Your if check will most likely work. But there's a chance you'll get inaccurate precision with your floating point numbers which could potentially make what would normally be correct, incorrect results.

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    Actually, that depends on what he's trying to do...
    if he's doing the == comparison, then it's risky, very much so...
    but if he uses the fabs() function with it, such types of comparisons then become very useful for controlling the precision of values that you want to get...
    pretty use for engineering stuff actually...
    as such, the only recomendation I would have for him is to do this:
    when comparing differences, use fabs
    if ((fabs(b-a)<e))
    that way, you can compare differences without having to wonder about wheter will you get negative or positive differences.

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