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    Menu not working

    This is in main, and loops, of course, until the user presses 'e'. For some reason though, it gets printed twice after it determines what button was pressed and goes and does what it's suppose too. Any ideas?

    	while(input != 'e'){
    		printf("Please make a selection:\n");
    		printf("a <id number> to enter a customer into queue\n");
    		printf("r to remove a customer from queue\n");
    		printf("c to get a count of customers\n");
    		printf("e to exit program\n");
    		input = getchar();
    		if(input == 'r'){
    			if(remCust() == 0)
    		else if(input == 'c'){
    			printf("Count: %d\n",countCust());
    		else if(input == 'a'){
    			scanf("%d", &id);
    			if(addCust(id) == 0)
    				printf("Not added\n");

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    input = getchar();
    while( fgetc( stdin ) != '\n' );
    You and this person should get together and have a "stuff in the input buffer" party.

    In your case, what's happening is you press eenter. So it sends two characers. e and then enter. That's what happens when you mix scanf with other things like getchar.

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