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    stopping in else block

    could someone please explain to me why this function is stopping before the fgets inside the else block. After it prints the first message after the else it jumps to the system() call after the else block.

    void config(const char options[])
    	char default_config[] = " --prefix=/usr --disable-nls";
    	char custom_config[BUFSIZ];
    	char whole_config_line[BUFSIZ];
    	char *p;
    	strcpy(whole_config_line, "./configure ");
    	if( ( strcmp(options, "default") == 0)){
    		strcat(whole_config_line, default_config);
    	} else {
    		printf("please give configure options: \n");
    	/* stopping here. why? */
    		fgets(custom_config, sizeof(custom_config), stdin);
    		p = strchr(custom_config, '\n');
    		*p = '\0';
    		strcat(whole_config_line, custom_config);

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    Probably because you have a newline still in your buffer (stdin), so it reads that, and continues on its way.
    while( fgetc( stdin ) != '\n' );
    fgets(custom_config, sizeof(custom_config), stdin);
    Try that. Usually you want to check for EOF there too, but since in your case you're probably not entering that ever, this should suffice.

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    that works. Thank you very much.

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    Originally posted by linuxman
    that works. Thank you very much.
    Except for the possibility if there is nothing in the input buffer -- by calling this routine from somewhere else in your program. quzah's while() code should be placed after the input line that left the offending \n in the buffer.
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