Thread: search funtion driving me mad

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    search funtion driving me mad

    The user enters a name and then the program compares the entry with designer[num_of_items1_i].forename_s and prints the name if the strcmp ==0 but it never seems to find the name? Ive looked at the code but cant see why it doesnt work. Any ideas?

    void f_search_designer ()
       int ch;
        char findname_s[20];
        FILE *fp;
        (fp = fopen ("designers", "rb" ));
        if ((fp = fopen ("designers", "rb" )) == NULL)
            printf("\n\t\tCannot open file\n");
            fread( &designer, sizeof( DESIGNERRECORD ), 1, fp);
            printf("        ____________________SEARCH______________________\n\n");
            printf("\t\tEnter the name of the designer you would like to search > \n\n");
            scanf ("%s", &findname_s);
            if (strcmp (findname_s, designer[num_of_items_i].forename_s ) == 0)
                printf("NAME        \n");
                fread ( &designer, sizeof( DESIGNERRECORD ), 1, fp );
                printf ("\n\n\n\n\t\tThere are no matching names.\n\n\n\n");

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    fread( &designer, sizeof( DESIGNERRECORD ), 1, fp);
    You realize you're only reading one instance here, don't you? Yet here:
    if (strcmp (findname_s, designer[num_of_items_i].forename_s ) == 0)
    you're trying to use an array of said items. To simplify issues for you, try not using a pointer first, and just create an instance, read one, test it. See if that works:
    struct myrecord instance;
    fread( &instance, sizeof( struct myrecord ), 1, myfile );
    if( strcmp( nametofind, ) == 0 )
    You may want to also try printing the contents of the name variable that you've just read out first, to see what it is you're acutally reading. Keep in mind that strcmp is case sensitive.

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