Thread: writing to vdu memory

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    writing to vdu memory

    i'm new to linux programming
    but done enough c programming in dos

    my problem is that i use the following code set a poniter to VDu memory in dos

    char far *scr=(char far *)0xB8000000L;

    unaware that gcc supports flat memory model i used the same code in programming for linux

    obviously it didn't work and error was flashed
    then i read some documentation and found where the problem was

    so i modified the above code as(removed far keyword and converted 0xB8000000 to flat model equivalent 0xB800000 ..tell me if i'm wron here)
    char *scr=(char *)0xB800000;

    this time it compiled successfully but when i treid to run the executable it didn't give proper result .......

    please help me how to do this(ihave also treid including farptr.h ..but no use)

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    You probably don't have access to direct video memory that way in linux. I'd be surprised if the kernel let you play with it directly. Though, admitedly, I haven't looked into it. You're better off finding a graphics library and using it. Or, perhaps, Googling for it. You may want to try the Linux forum here. Though don't bother cross-posting this there. It will likely get moved there for you by a moderator.

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