Thread: graceful failure on segFault?

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    graceful failure on segFault?

    I'm writing a program that's liable to have segfaults in the first few releases (lots of malloc'ed stuff, unlikely to debug it all in time).

    I was just wondering if there's a way I can make the program fail a little more gracefully for the user when it hits one, for example popping up a dialog giving a link to report the bug

    currently the only way I can think of doing this is by wrapping the program in a bat script (or something similar) that will watch for non-zero exit & call a popup program.

    anyone got neater ideas/alternative methods?

    the program's being written in dev-c++ (using C only tho, not c++)
    for win32 systems

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    Use a signal handler

    void trap ( int signal ) {
      // do magic here on a segfault
      // be careful about what memory you use here
    int main ( ) {
      signal( SIGSEGV, trap );
      // rest of program
    There might be something a bit more win32 specific
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    See specifically the MSJ article.

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