Thread: problem with fopen command

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    problem with fopen command

    i'm writing a program where i'm supposed take the name of a file with it's full path which will be fed by the user.then i'm supposed to store it in an array of charecters.then i'm supposed to use the fopen command to open file where the file name would be the one that is stored in the previous array.but the problem is that fopen only accepts strings within double quotes like following:

    File *f;

    that's why i cannot pass my array as the first parameter for the fopen what can i do to have the work done(take the file name specified by the user and using that name open that file using fopen).i' also taking care of the double \\ in my array.plzzzzz help....

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    >but the problem is that fopen only accepts strings within double quotes
    fopen doesn't care if the string is a string literal or a pointer to a string literal or an array of char terminated by '\0'. The following is perfectly acceptable:
    char *name = "/me/dir/file";
    FILE *out = fopen ( name, "w" );
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    don't forget to take out the \\ if you are in windows and also don't forget the \n if you use fgets to get the filename Ex:
    printf("Enter a file:  ");
    fgets(input,sizeof input,stdin);

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