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    C Programing

    Hello, im very new to C Programing, it is a subject in my computer course and its realy confusing. so if anyone has some tip's/tricks and useful websites extra please let me know, thanks

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    The biggest tip I can give is ask specific questions to get answers. A general "please explain it all" will take a book or two, and they've already been written.

    Post code that you are confused with (small segments, not 500 line behemoths), tell us what it's supposed to to, and what it is doing wrong. We can then help you figure out how to fix it.
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    you should read the faq that's here along with the tutorials and maybe even tutorials at other sites like the one on . They'll give you a good start.

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    >>useful websites

    this is the only website you'll ever need

    but seriously now, this is a great resource - one of the best IMO.

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    Thanks guys, is my friend ;q)

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