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    Another version of this could be to eradicate the chunk headers and simply store the dimensions of each bitmap in the CMPHeader. These dimensions would apply to every image in the file. Then you could just write out the raw data for all bitmaps in RLE form. To read it, you would only need to know the dimensions and you could correctly extract the data. This would cut the size of the file tremendously. Of course the palette would still be in the last 768 bytes.

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    hmmm, just reboot your machine. Or create a swap partition.
    Again same problem. Any other solutoin ??

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    ok, boot your linux-distro and don't open X. Try to use program only in a terminal.. if this does not work.. i don't know one more option...
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    Find out how much memory you are trying to allocate. In this case output the values of height and width.

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    You are probably trying to allocate too much memory due to an incorrect calculation. Unless the bitmap is extremely large I cannot fathom running out of memory.

    The total size of the bitmap can be retrieved from the bitmap header.

    The only time you will run out of memory is if your IDE is hogging it all thus causing your malloc or new to fail. I've only experienced this in DOS and since I know nothing about Linux, you need to do some research via google.

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