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    How do you match 2 files?

    I am reading in two files so that I can print a report.
    The 2 files have one thing in common and that is an Id number
    (CustomerId & orderId).

    I thought a simple if() statement would do it but it did not.
    How can I takle this problem????

    Thanks for your help..
    This is what I inserted in the report part:

    if(CustomerId = orderId)
    fprintf(summaryFilePtr, "%c %76s %c\n", 179, "", 179);
    	subTotal = installPrice - discountTotal;
    	tax = subTotal * TAX_AMT;
        total = subTotal + tax;
    	fprintf(summaryFilePtr, "%c %25s TOTAL %10s          $%03.2f   %13s %c\n", 179, "", "",
    		total, "", 179);
    	fprintf(summaryFilePtr, "%c %76s %c\n", 179, "", 179);
    	}//end if
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    Do both files have a customerID and orderID or does one file have a customerID and the other file have a orderID and they are just the same?

    The code that you posted had:
    if(CustomerId = orderId)

    This is setting CustomerID to what orderId equals (assignment)

    I think what you meant to say was:

    if(CustomerID == orderID) // the equality operator
    process file contents

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