Thread: Parallel processor resposibility

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    Parallel processor resposibility

    urm, does anyone know anything about using parallel

    Ive got afew big programmes which would benefit from
    being able to use solve with parallel processors but
    i havent got a clue where to start!
    Is there a tutorial or something somewhere that i could use?

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    The parallel processing is totally controlled by the operating system. AFAIK you cannot throw code from one CS:EIP into one defined CPU and then throw code from another CS:EIP into another. It is my understanding that one CPU will do a 32-bit fetch and another will do another 32-bit fetch. Each CPU will process those instructions.

    As to how each CPU knows where the other is at in the code or how they communicate, I truly have no idea. I could read up on this, but I don't think I have any docs on this topic at the current time.

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