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    Angry array of structures

    I can't figure out how to access data members in an array of structures to store data.
    Here is my program:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>

    struct drivers_license
    char lastname[10];
    char firstname[10];
    int licensenumber[8];
    char statecode[2];
    struct address;
    int height;
    char eyecolor[8];
    char haircolor[8];
    struct vehicle;
    char visioncode[10];
    int birthdate[3];
    int expirationdate[3];
    char organdonor[3];

    struct address
    int streetnumber[5];
    char streetname[10];
    int aptnumber[5];
    char city[10];
    char state[10];
    int zipcode[5];

    struct vehicle
    char motorcycle;
    char automobile;
    char schoolbus;
    char commericaltruck;
    char semitrailer;

    void records(struct drivers_license *record[15]);
    void changes(struct drivers_license *record[15]);

    int main()
    struct drivers_license *record[15];
    return 0;

    void records(struct drivers_license *record[15])

    void changes(struct drivers_license *record[15])

    when I compile it, it comes up with an error, saying cannot convert char * to char

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    struct mystruct myarray[3];

    myarray[1].myvariable = 30;

    > void records(struct drivers_license *record[15])
    > {
    > record[0]->lastname[10]="Smith/0";
    > }

    This is wrong. You cannot simply assign values like this. Additionally, you do not put a null in a string, it automaticly includes one.
    void record( struct drivers_license record[] )
       sprintf( record[0].lastname, "Smith" );

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