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    Simple Pointer Question

    Let me start by saying I am fairy new to C programming, but not programming in general.

    Say you have the code below which defines a pointer to an array of chars (a string right? heh), and then you want to assign some text to that string. From the tutorials I have read, and the coding I have tried I know this works:

    char *name;
    name = "Reason58";
    Now given that pointers are variables which store the memory address of other variables, why is the above code acceptable? Shouldn't it be:

    char *name;
    name = &"Reason58";
    Or something similar? Sorry for the stupid question. I have pointers like 98% figured out, just wanted to clarify that.


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    A "string" has the same type as a char array

    You can do this with an array
    char arr[10];
    char *p = arr;
    char *q = &arr[0];
    So you can do this
    char *p = "string";
    char *q = &"string"[0];
    Is a really good explanation of pointers
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    Great. Thank you for your help.

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