Thread: intgers form a string

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    intgers form a string

    All right, here it goes. I'm trying to get an intger from a string. FOr example I don't want "this" to be 4 intgers, I want to get AN intger from "this" Is there any easy way to do this?
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    What do you mean by "this"
    Store the 4 characters in an int in some way?

    int floogle = 't'<<24 | 'h' << 16 | 'i' << 8 | 's'
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    int whatevar = (int) 'this' ;

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    >int whatevar = (int) 'this' ;
    And this is supposed to be meaningful, how?

    >I'm trying to get an intger from a string.
    Be more specific. You can get an integer from a string many different ways, it depends on what you want to do with it.
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    Do you mean something like this?
    union aryint
         char chrs[4];
         int    x;
    union aryint ai;

    ai.chrs[0] = 't';
    ai.chrs[1] = 'h';
    and so on.


    printf("The int is %d",ai.x);

    Is this what you want?
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    Another wild attempt at answering the non-specific question:
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