Thread: Data Format Error Detection.

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    Data Format Error Detection.

    Hi, all this is my first post in this forum. I am really new with this stuff.

    Ok what i need to do is this, when entering the data i need the Variable to accept only integers and not characters. if a user enters a character it will re prompt for the data.

    printf("Please Enter the number of Sales People :");
    scanf("%d", &num);
    i want it so that the variable 'num' only accepts integers if the user enters a letter it will re prompt wiht the same message.

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    Don't use scanf( ). Search the board to find out why.

    Then, you can just check the return value of sscanf( ).
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    >scanf("%d", &num);
    Always check the return value of interactive input functions. If you must use scanf, you can write something sufficiently ugly to do what you want:
    while ( scanf ( "%d", &num ) != 1 ) {
      int ch;
      if ( ferror ( stdin ) ) {
        perror ( "Read error" );
        exit ( EXIT_FAILURE );
      fprintf ( stderr, "Invalid input, try again: " );
      while ( ( ch = getchar() ) != '\n' && ch != EOF )
    Of course, a better solution would be to use fgets to read an entire line of input and then parse it, usually with sscanf.
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