Thread: A question about typedefs

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    A question about typedefs


    I'm just learning about C/C++, and I would like to ask the experts here about the difference between the two pieces of code below. From what I know (which is not a lot), these two pieces of code should be the same. But somehow, I feel that there's a subtle difference, since the author from whom I got this code knows his stuff and deliberately chose to write these two pieces of code this way.

    // first typedef //////////////////////////////////
    typedef struct
        //fields here...
    } firstStruct;
    // second typedef /////////////////////////////
    typedef struct struct2 secondStruct;
    struct struct2
        //fields here...
    So my question is: is there a difference in these two typedefs? Because if there are none, he should have just written the second struct in the same way as the first one, saving himself additional typing.


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    Since you asked on the C board, I'll give you the C answer (despite you writing C/C++). As you may guess from this, the explanation for C++ is slightly different.

    In the first case, the struct does not have a name (it is anonymous), and it can only be referred to via its typedef name (firstStruct).

    The second struct has a name (struct2), and also a typedef name (secondStruct).

    Giving a structure a name is necessary when you're creating self-referencing structures like linked lists.

    In the first case, you can do
    firstStruct a_variable;

    In the second case, you can do
    secondStruct a_variable;
    struct struct2 another_variable;
    Both amount to meaning the same thing
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    >Both amount to meaning the same thing
    Unless we're talking about self-referential structures. Then the first typedef would fail.
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    Why, thank you very much for your answers. I realized that the second struct was indeed a self-referring structure used in a linked list.

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