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    Unhappy Help with pointer arrays please


    i am doing a module at uni that I need your help with. ( in which I'm building a CPU simulator I am writting for my final year project).

    I'm trying to make the simulator accept a file that defines each instruction that the simualotor supports. It has a format specified in the file "intSet.txt". This file detials the exact specification of a given instruction in my program and i was wondering how i could make my program understand the instruciton operation that has been specified by the "RTL" section of the file.

    The C program i have attatched is an attempt at reading in each part of the file into various arrays (that would later form part of a structure). unfortunately the 2Dpointer arrays dont seem to work (the early elements of the pointer array seem to get over written) what mistake have i made?

    Any help would be great especially in figuring out how to make my program "understand" RTL.

    Thanks for your help
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    here is the c file:

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    You're not allocating any memory for your tokenised strings.

    	while ((element[q++] = strtok(point_string, search_field)) != NULL)
    		point_string = NULL;	/* only needed for the first time */
    	//	printf("element[%d] = %s\n", t, element[t]);
    Should be
    char *p;
    while ( ( p = strtok(point_string, search_field)) != NULL) {
        element[q] = malloc( strlen(p) + 1 );
        strcpy( element[q], p );
        point_string = NULL;
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