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    Question quiz needed

    hi im a student programing using c i have been set a task to create a program which asks questions that are taken from a text file *.txt the test must then present the results and give a percentage can ne1 help has ne1 done this program all redy


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    You cannot ask another person to write the whole program for you.

    Try it out yourself first, and if you get stuck with something more specific, I'm sure you will get a lot of help on this forum...

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    Sounds identical to what I did for fun not to long ago...I suggest working on it yourself then posting what you have and people will help you with it. Thats what I did. People here seem to be good that way, but you have to show them that you aren't just asking for them to do the program for you.

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    The purpose of these board is not for other to do your homework for you! Try things out work on your own, homework has a purpose. If you still have trouble with a specific thing or whatever please feel free to ask. But please DO NOT ask people to do your entire homework for you, it simply annoys people most of the time.

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