Thread: I need help with this code

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    I need help with this code

    The code is supposed to define a file pointer called "fpwrite"
    open a text file called "sppdata.txt"
    and check to see if the file is opened and use it to write "Hello Sara" a hundred times. I am missing a couple of things I think.

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    You're missing a for loop which loops 100 times, and a fprintf() call inside that loop
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    int main(void)
        char name[31] = "Hello Teri";
        FILE *fpwrite;
        int i;
        fpwrite=fopen("cppdata.txt" , "w");
        if (fpwrite==NULL)
            printf("cannot open or create file.\n");
            for (i=0;i<100;i++)
        return 0;
    } /*main*/

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