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    Which compiler?

    I recently got a source code of a program for serial communication (via COM ports) and as I tried to compile it in MS Visual C++ 6.0 it says "Cannot open include file: 'bios.h': No such file or directory"

    Sure enough, I couldn't find it in include directories. Then I downloaded Dev-C++, DJGPP and Borland 5.5 compiler but none of these seem to have the bios.h and it's library.

    What am I to do? Is there a free compiler that has this library and header? Or is there a better way to fix this problem? I'm a C beginner, so wouldn't know which other libraries include functions that do the same as those in bios.h...

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    bios.h is a relic from when the world thought 16 bit DOS was still a good idea.

    All the compilers you mention are 32 bit compilers for a more modern age.

    If you really want that retro feel, then visit
    and get Turbo C 2.01

    This is really only a temporary solution to your problem. You should really figure out how to access the serial ports from the 32 bit compilers you have. For example, in VC++, start by reading about the CreateFile() function, one of its functions is to open a serial port.
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    Originally posted by Salem
    bios.h is a relic from when the world thought 16 bit DOS was still a good idea.
    It was a good idea -- then. There were no 32 bit processors (at least around the DOS environment) and when there were, it took MicroSludge how long to switch to that platform?

    Granted, Linux was always on top of the technology, but they didn't have the marketing push IBM had. And even OS/2 was better than anything M$ came out with.
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