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    Help with error: C2440

    I am writing a mailing list program that is not complete yet. I am currently working on the add to list function but I am getting c:\Documents and Settings\JH\Desktop\ML\ML.cpp(48): error C2440: '=' : cannot convert from 'void *' to 'MailingList *'

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    struct MailingList {
    char name[40];
    char address[40];
    char city[20];
    char state[3];
    struct MailingList *next;

    void add_to_list (void); /* Add a name to address book */
    void search (void); /* Delete a name from address book */
    struct MailingList *hol= NULL; /* Head of linked list of addresses -
    global variable*/

    int main()
    char input[2]; /* Input from the user */
    while (1) {
    printf ("Please choose one of the following: (A)dd/(S)earch/(Q)uit\n");
    gets (input);
    switch (input[0]) {
    case ('a'):
    case ('A'):
    case ('s'):
    case ('S'):
    case ('q'):
    case ('Q'):
    return (0);
    printf ("Unknown command\n");

    return 0;

    void add_to_list ()
    /* Add a new name to our address book */
    struct MailingList * add_name;
    add_name = malloc(sizeof(struct MailingList));
    if (add_name == NULL) {
    printf ("Out of memory!\n");
    exit (-1);
    /* Get input for the new item */
    printf ("Name: ");
    gets (add_name->name);
    printf ("Address: ");
    gets (add_name->address);
    printf ("City: ");
    gets (add_name->city);
    printf ("State: ");
    gets (add_name->state);
    /* Chain the new item into the list */
    add_name->next= hol;
    hol= add_name;


    I attached the code. Any help will be greatly appreciated since I've run out of ideas.

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    Yeah, the main problem is you're compiling C code with a C++ compiler.

    Start by calling your program ml.c

    Then read the FAQ to find out why gets() is very bad
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    worked like a charm


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