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    Type conversion

    I was just wondering if maybe the following isn't over complicating
    #include <stdio.h>
    		int  value1 = 12, value2 = 5;
    		float answer = 0;
    		answer = value1 / value2;
    		printf("The value of %d divided by %d is %f\n",value1,value2,answer );
    	Sample program output
    	The value of 12 divided by 5 is 2.000000
    The answer isn't correct and you have to assign the value 1 and 2 to a float type before getting your answer
    answer = (float)value1 / (float)value2;
    would it not save time to just declare the values as type float in the first place?
    /* type conversion */
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    float value1 = 12.0, value2= 5.0;
    float answer = value1 / value2;
    printf("The value of %.2f divided by %.2f is %.2f\n", value1, value2, answer);
    return 0;
    I did this and it compiled fine without any errors. Is this bad form or an alternative?

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    your last code is the correct code. floats need to have .0 value for them to be recognized as a float and thus having a decimal

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    Smile float div

    i would float val1 and val2 then float ans. the second is correct. also you need to make sure you use decimal points ie 1.0 when assigning anything float. interesting you can add two ints and get int but when you div you need float

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