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    Compiler Question


    This is not a compiler specific question, rather it has do with the actual production of .exe files. I'm wondering what exactly is the format of an executable file? Or is there a website that has details about things like this? I'm wondering because I want to create a program that determines the differences between programs (should be same program but different versions) which then outputs these changes into a .exe file that could be run and the needed changes would be applied to the file(s) as necessary based on those changes. I just need to know how to output the .exe file for the end result.


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    When all else fails, read the instructions.
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    COFF, ELF - these are some EXE formats. The PE information modules (windows) get all of the information you'd need to for windows exe's, dll's, ocx, vbx, etc files.

    It's different for different platforms.

    You need to go to to find white papers and other information on various image file formats.

    Older OS's like VAX/VMS had actual patch utilities that did just what you are looking to do. Gentoo has emerge which also does something like that, but is more of a rebuild.

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    Well I checked out and it didn't give me all the information I need. I've read the docs on a few different types of executables, however, it didn't give me anything to go by. Just what was needed. I don't understand all the information in them.
    Like what does it mean by pages, how do you figure this out? Or how about paragraphs and how do you figure that out?

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    PE Tutorial

    There is a PE Tutorial here:

    It covers:

    Although written for assembly programmers, the concepts and programming techniques are, IMHO well explained. :-)

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