Thread: Going to without using goto!?!!?

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    Going to without using goto!?!!?

    Hi people,

    I'm be gentle! I need some help in that I am trying to write a program which uses an initial menu system and then performs tasks as per the task number selected(1,2,3 etc). The problem is that i want the program to be able to jump back to the menu system during some of the tasks at certain points (ie. if an invalid input is entered) to give the user the option to select a task again. Does anyone know of a way to do this without using a 'goto' command. Hope this makes sense.......
    Help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    Many Thanks,

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    Put the initial menu system inside it's own function.
    Then you can call it anytime.

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    Basically you would use some sort of loop (to go back to the menu). Inside the loop, you would check to see if the input was right. If it was, then call whichever function, otherwise continue the loop.

    A swicth inside a loop works well.

    int bDone = 0;
    while( !bDone )
        printf( "\nWelcome\n");
        printf( "1. New\n" );
        printf( "2. Open\n" );
        printf( "3. Save\n" );
        printf( "4. View\n" );
        printf( "5. Exit\n" );
        printf( "\nEnter an option: " );
        switch ( fgetc( stdin ) )
             case 1: function1(); break;
             case 2: function2(); break;
             case 3: function3(); break;
             case 4: function4(); break;
             case 5: bDone = 1; break;
             default: //The user typed an invalid option

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    >Does anyone know of a way to do this without using a 'goto' command.
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main ( void )
      int ch;
      printf ( "1) Item 1\n2) Item 2\n3) Item 3\n" );
      printf ( "Enter a selection: " );
      fflush ( stdout );
      ch = getchar();
      while ( getchar() != '\n' )
      if ( ch < '1' || ch > '3' )
      return 0;
    Or you could use setjmp and longjmp, but most programmers are silly and use structured programming techniques like functions and loops. What a bunch of goofballs, eh?
    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Thanks everyone, I used the function solution in the end, still trying to understand all the case and break stuff! (first year programming at uni!!!). Got a whole new set of problems now, but going to have a go myself before asking on here.....( lot are gonna grow to love me!!).
    Thanks again for the help.

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