Thread: Why wont this work?

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    Why wont this work?

    Ok, this has been bothering me for about 30 minutes now. I cannot figure out why this code doesnt work. It compiles with no errors, but as soon as I enter the first number, it quits and gives me an error.

    #include <stdio.h>
    struct rect {
    	float length, width, height;
    int main() {
    	struct rect box;
    	float volume=0;
    	printf("Please enter the length of the box: ");
    	scanf("%f", box.length);
    	printf("Please enter the width of the box: ");
    	scanf("%f", box.width);
    	printf("Please enter the height of the box: ");
    	scanf("%f", box.height);
    	volume = box.length * box.width * box.height;
    	printf("The volume of the box is: %f\n",volume);
    	if(box.length == box.width  && box.width == box.height) {
    		printf("The box is a perfect cube\n");
    	else {
    		printf("The box is not a perfect cube\n");
    	return 0;

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    scanf("%f", &box.length);

    You have to pass the address to scanf so it can you the variable, except for strings since thats 'implied'.

    Check out a site like's refference section for this stuff. Or a POSIX book.

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    OMG, I cant believe I did that haha. I knew that. It was sooo obvious too... wow I feel stupid... I guess its just late and I was overlooking that...

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