Thread: Command Line parameters question

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    Command Line parameters question

    I am making a program where I want the user to enter the location and name of a file and then execute that file continuisly every 30 seconds...For example c:\timer.exe c:\windows\file.exe and I want file.exe to be fp. However the program crashes..any ideas?

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
      FILE *fp;
      const int x = 10;
      fp = fopen(argv[0],NULL);
    while (x > 0)
         sleep (30000); 
      return 0;

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    If you want to run your program then don't use the file pointer. You would want to do this:
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    When all else fails, read the instructions.
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    thanks sean345...fixed the the prog runs fine.

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    You mean you want a file pointer to point to a .exe file? That probably can be done, but why would you try opening the file via a fopen call unless you just plan on reading the file (although that seems kind of pointless). Instead perhaps try using a different call that runs the program instead of opening it for reading? You could use system() but thats a bad idea in most cases, leads to security leaks in your programs.

    I haven't done much work with running other programs but if you do a search on the board I'm sure you could find another call that would run a program. Then just setup a timer that would make this call every so many seconds. That might fix your problems. Also calling system(fp) would definitly not work because your passing it a pointer to not a string, but a file. What you need to do, if your using this method is to get a string (such as file location) and pass that to system() rather then the pointer your trying to pass.

    Hope this helps,

    PS - sorry about the late reply, someone always seems to reply with the answer between me hitting the "Post Reply" button and hitting the "Submit" button. Heh.

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