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    Question string to ASCII and back...

    i have to write a program that will ask user to enter an unsigned integer and any string and then my program has to output new string which is the old string transfered into ASCII + unsigned integer so for example if I enter 3 and "abc" output should be "def"
    ('a' shifted to 'd', 'b' to 'e', and 'c' to 'f')


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    We are not here to do your homework for you. Read the forum rules, follow them, then check back once you have done so.

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    read the number and the string into a character array

    use the space for separating the number from the string

    find the ASCII value of each letter in the string and the add the number to it if it's within the correct range (isalpha) else output an error message.

    rebuild the string, and spit it back out.

    char mystr[2][16];

    mystr[0] can be the read string and mystr[1] can be the new string.

    Perhaps not the most useful method, but it *should* do.
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